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  • Mother with child, stylized image credit Jill Lavetsky


    Created in collaboration with OBGYN Dr. Laura Laursen, this guide covers everything we wish we'd known when we went through our first postpartum experiences. Download this free guide and share with your patients, clients and customers.

  • Teenage girl rendered in pink, yellow, and blue against a pink background; credit Jordan Barton

    Teen Period Positivity Guide & Checklist

    This 11-page guide, developed in collaboration with pediatrician and friend of Nyssa, Dr. Rupa Mahadevan, is designed to be a starting point for both Teen and Parent. It provides facts, tips, and a 'Know Your Flow' checklist to help set a new generation of menstruating people off on a course of period positivity. Download and share with your patients and clients.

  • OWN Your Pelvic Health co-founders Annie Close (r) and Courtney Weber (l).

    Pelvic Floor Health for All Ages with Dr. Courtney Weber, Occupational Therapist & Birth Doula

    Nyssa Network member, Dr. Courtney Weber talks about pelvic floor therapy as a key to unlocking improved physical and mental health, sexual wellness and greater ease in pregnancy and postpartum.

  • Black woman wrapped in a banner saying 'complexity' and other cut-off words, towering over a cityscape.

    Today's Key Reproductive Issues with Physician & Surgeon Dr. Arghavan Salles

    Dr. Arghavan Salles shares her thoughts on some of today's most pertinent reproductive health issues including abortion access and infertility myths.

  • Managing Urinary Health in Midlife with Dr. Lopa Pandya

    Dr. Lopa Pandya came on to our Unmentionables Podcast to discuss managing urinary health in midlife.