Frequently Asked Questions

Account Questions

How do I create a new account?

Because the Nyssa Network is exclusive for women’s wellbeing professionals and boutique retailers whose values and goals align with our own, we personally vet and approve all new Nyssa Network accounts. You can apply here.

Can someone else within my company create their own account?

Yes! However, please keep in mind that every individual account must complete their first order in 3 months and then every 6 months thereafter. If you think, as individuals, your ordering cycle will be less frequent than this, then please consider sharing just 1 account to avoid membership cancellation

My login isn’t working

First make sure that you’re using your Nyssa Network login. This is a separate account from any that you may have created on our primary website ( If you are still having difficulty, please reach out to our support team.

I forgot my Password

You should see an option to reset your password on the login page. You can also reach out to our customer support team for password reset assistance.


Can I order less than a full case?

In order to offer the discounts that we do on The Nyssa Network, we require full case purchases only. If you’d like to order a lesser amount, please visit our main website where you can purchase up to 6 of any particular item. Alternatively, we do offer mixed-size cases of our bralettes and underwear as well as mixed cases of our ice/heat packs on The Nyssa Network to meet members’ needs for wider variety within 1 case.

Why was my order blocked?

We limit sales on The Nyssa Network to a maximum of 3 cases of any 1 item per order. Please check to make sure that you did not attempt to purchase more than 3 cases of any 1 item. If so, please reduce your order quantity and try again or reach out to our Wholesale Relations Team for assistance in setting up a large-volume, multi-channel/outlet wholesale account.
If you make corrections to your order and the problem persists, then please reach out to our Network Support Team.

What if I want to order more than 3 cases of a particular item?

We limit sales on The Nyssa Network to a maximum of 3 cases of any 1 item per order. In order to order 4 or more cases of a particular item, please reach out to our Wholesale Relations Team for assistance in setting up a large-volume, multi-channel/outlet wholesale account.

I’m not sure which size FourthWear Underwear or Bralette will sell best.

That’s exactly why we offer a mixed-size case option featuring our most popular sizes. That way you can offer a range of options to your clients as well as test out what works best for your audience!

What if my order arrives damaged?

Please reach out to our Customer Service Team with any concerns about damaged product and we will work quickly to replace the items or otherwise find a resolution.

Product Questions

Are FourthWear Underwear Absorbent?

FourthWear® Underwear is made from leak-resistant material. They are more absorbent than regular cotton underwear but they do not absorb the quantity of blood one might experience during a heavy cycle. For heavy discharge, we recommend placing a Nyssa Organic Cotton pad on top of the gusset.

Can FourthWear Underwear be used for both C-Sections and Vaginal Births?

Yes! The underwear is designed to securely hold our reusable ice/heat packs in the vaginal/perineal area or at the site of a caesarean incision.

What are the ice/heat packs made of? Are they Non-toxic?

The exterior of our ice/heat packs is made of an FDA approved knitted plastic/fabric composite to keep the ingredients within the pack. The cooling agent is composed of naturally derived ingredients: Glycerine, Water, and a Sodium Polymer (polyacrylate) often used in baby diapers. These ingredients are all non-toxic and FDA approved.

What makes Nyssa postpartum pads different?

Did you know that most pads (and tampons and baby diapers) contain hormone-altering toxic chemicals? It’s a big regulatory issue, particularly in the United States. Period products often contain pesticides (when made with cotton), chlorine, VOC plastics, BPA plastics, dioxins, furans, and much more. Our pads are made from chemical free organic cotton and do not contain harmful and toxic ingredients and have not been treated with chlorine bleach.

How should the mirror be cleaned?

With a soft towel or shammy, similarly to cleaning any other household mirror or glass object.(We would recommend using a naturally-derived, non-toxic glass cleaner)*.


When do I get my discount?

Special, discounted rates are already built into the Nyssa Network case pricing!

I have a store credit/a gift card balance from the main website, can I apply that to my Nyssa Network purchase?

The Nyssa Network operates separately from our primary website and has its own built-in incentives and benefits. Gift cards and store credit from are not applicable on the Nyssa Network site.

Resale & Gifting

What do I need to do to start selling Nyssa products on-premise?

If you haven’t already, submit this form for account approval. Once approved, you will be asked to confirm that you have read and agree to our Reseller Agreement. You will be asked to confirm your accordance with this agreement each time you make a purchase through the Nyssa Network site. Your order will arrive in 2-7 days (dependent on carrier shipping timelines for your area). The products arrive packaged and shelf-ready!

Can I sell Nyssa products online?

Products purchased via The Nyssa Network are restricted to on-premise sale and use exclusively. Online resale is prohibited.
If you are interested in online referral (no sale) of Nyssa products, then you might be eligible for our affiliate program. Please email to learn more.
If you would like to resell online, then you must first meet our wholesale purchase requirements (minimum quantities and frequency apply) and agree to more stringent terms. To inquire, please connect with our Wholesale Relations Team.

Can I discount Nyssa products?

Per our Reseller Agreement, we ask that you only re-sell Nyssa products at our stated MRSPs. Please refer to this document with every purchase on the Nyssa Network to check our latest retail pricing. The only exception to this request would be client or customer giveaways (see below).

Can I give Nyssa products away to my clients, patients, or customers?

Yes! You are welcome to give products purchased on The Nyssa Network as individual free gifts to your clients, patients, or customers. They may not be gifted, donated, or given in bulk to any third party.

Sales Tax & Exemptions

Who is eligible for tax exemption?

Nyssa Network members who have a state-issued reseller number or who maintain a 501c tax-exempt status are eligible for tax-free wholesale purchase as long as your valid reseller or tax-exempt number is presented prior to purchase. We are not able to issue refunds for purchases made before a tax-exempt or reseller number was acquired or for customers who forgot to enter their number at purchase.

I'm tax exempt. How do I apply that exemption to my checkout?

If you provided a state-issued reseller number or tax-exempt number when you completed your application, then your activated Nyssa Network profile should already be configured for tax-exemption. If you did NOT already provide this number, or if you believe you did but are still seeing tax appear on your order at checkout, please reach out to our customer service team for assistance prior to completing purchase with proof of your tax exempt status.


What items are eligible for return?

Returns are not accepted unless product damages occur in transit and are reported to Nyssa Customer Support at within 24 hours of the product arriving at the Purchaser’s shipping location.

If I don’t sell out of an item may I exchange it for something else?

We are not able to exchange items at this time, but please note that we do offer mixed-size cases of our FourthWear underwear and bralettes as well as mixed-product FourthCareice/heat pack cases so that you don’t have to make a large commitment in one size or one style of ice/heat pack.

How do I initiate a return?

Please reach out to our customer relations team at for assistance with any returns or return-related questions.


How much does shipping cost?

Our items ship from Chicago, IL via UPS and USPS and price is set by those carriers. Pricing will vary based on your location and the shipping details.

How long does shipping take?

Shipping typically takes anywhere from 2-7 days, dependent on your location and the carrier’s parameters. Any quotes for shipping times come directly from the carrier. Nyssa is not responsible for carrier-related shipping delays.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship internationally through UPS. Rates are calculated by the carrier based on your location and the number and weight of items ordered. Any quotes for shipping times come directly from the carrier. Nyssa is not responsible for carrier-related shipping delays.