Reseller Terms for Nyssa Network Members v1.2

[updated 6.1.2022]

Thank you for being a Nyssa Network Member and for your interest in reselling Nyssa products. The following pages detail our principles, guidelines, and expectations for our brand and resellers in order to foster a successful partnership. Please review this document carefully. Your agreement to these terms is required for purchase in the Nyssa Network shop and we trust that you will uphold these terms in your resale activities. Should you have any questions or concerns please contact us at



Founded: July 2018 

Headquarters: 3953 W Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647 

Main Website: 

Nyssa Network Website:

Mission: To solve the unmentionables of womanhood— beginning with puberty and reaching beyond menopause. 

Vision: To help women be present in the moments that matter most during times of transformation. We are passionate about providing support and solutions for the transitional periods in women's lives. Times that aren’t widely visible, catered to, or discussed. While our products are critical to this vision, they are only part of the story. We are determined to positively meet women’s needs by being a trusted resource and conversation catalyst. We aim to help women feel heard and supported during times of both physical and emotional transformation.

As a reseller for Nyssa, you agree to uphold standards in brand and product representation that align with Nyssa’s mission and ethos.



Nyssa directly manages and oversees packaging and shipping of our products and requires all items to be sold in the “Individual Resale Packaging” provided with the original tags and UPC codes (detailed below). The only exception to this is when apparel items are removed from their protective polybag for table or rack display (tags on). They should be kept in their protective polybags while in storage. They should never be rolled or bunched together in a basket, drawer, or bin for display. Please take care to preserve the integrity of every Nyssa product and pack and check all shipments immediately upon arrival. Returns for product damages that are not reported within 24 hours of arrival at your place of business will not be accepted.  

Products that originate on The Nyssa Network shop or that are purchased by Nyssa Network Members may never be sold online unless explicitly approved in writing by Nyssa to do so under special circumstances (e.g. as part of a subscription box). This restriction applies but is not limited to a purchaser’s or Member’s proprietary website and any third-party marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Threadless, or Alibaba. Products purchased on The Nyssa Network shop are intended for on-premise use, gifting, and resale only.

If you are interested in online resale of Nyssa products, please connect with our Multi-Channel/Outlet Wholesale Team at This type of resale is subject to different terms.

Similarly, if you are interested in purchasing 4 OR MORE cases of any one item in a single transaction, please connect with our Multi-Channel/Outlet Wholesale Team at

Below are The Nyssa Network purchase and resale formats and Suggested Resale Price (MSRP) of all of our products currently available. Please adhere to our MSRPs for resale. We strongly discourage discounting.

Item Name

Nyssa Network Purchase Unit

Individual Resale Packaging


FourthWear Postpartum Recovery Underwear 

Case of 12 units

Individually tagged and packaged for transport and storage in clear compostable* cellophane bags

$39 for 1 or $99 for 3

Fourthwear Postpartum Bralette

Case of 12 units

Individually tagged and packaged for transport and storage in clear compostable* cellophane bags

$39 for 1

Between Legs Reusable Ice/Heat Pack

Case of 24 boxes or Mixed Case with other Ice/Heat Packs

Individually boxed and stacked in 6-count trays for easy display

$14 for 1

Breast & Chest Reusable Ice/Heat Packs, Set of 2

Case of 16 boxes or Mixed Case with other Ice/Heat Packs

Sets of two boxed and stacked in 4-count trays for easy display

$17 for a single set of 2

FourthWear Postpartum Underwear + Ice/Heat Bundle

Case of 5 bundles

Gift pouch or box of 1 pair underwear + 1 Between Legs Ice/Heat Pack

$53 for a bundle

FourthWear Postpartum Bralette + Ice/Heat Bundle

Case of 5 bundles

Gift pouch or box of 1 bralette + 1 set of Breast & Chest Ice/Heat Packs

$56 for a bundle

Organic Cotton Extra-Long Postpartum Pads

Case of 24 packs

8 pads individually wrapped and packaged in a drawstring pouch

$8 for a single 8-pack

Uterine Reusable Ice/Heat Pack

Case of 24 boxes or Mixed Case with other Ice/Heat Packs

Individually boxed and stacked in 6-count trays for easy display

$14 for 1

Uterine On-The-Go Heat Presses Case of 24 3-pack Boxes 3-packs boxed and stacked in 6-count trays for easy display

$14 for 1 3-pack box

VieVision Between Legs Mirror

Case of 10 boxes

Packaged individually in an artist-illustrated educational box

$65 for 1



We will do our best to ship you your ordered product in a timely manner via USPS or UPS and will let you know immediately if we anticipate any delays. We cannot be held responsible for delays that occur once the product has left our facility.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the Purchaser and will be applied at check-out.

The full price (including shipping) of every order must be paid before an order will be processed and sent from Nyssa. Select approved financing options are available on The Nyssa Network site.

Returns are not accepted unless product damages occur in transit and are reported to Nyssa Customer Support at within 24 hours of the product arriving at the Purchaser’s shipping location.



As mentioned above, online resale is strictly prohibited unless approved in writing by the Nyssa team and we strongly discourage discounting.

You may feel free to link to our website or use copy and photography from our website for marketing purposes. In addition, logo and other brand asset files may be obtained from our Marketing Department by contacting Customer Support and indicating your Nyssa Network Member Name, Business Name, and plans for use.

If you choose to take your own photography of or with Nyssa products, please send them to our Marketing Department for pre-approval via at least 2 weeks before you intend for the content to go live. Postpartum products must be modeled by people who are genuinely postpartum (within 1 year of having given birth). Also, please show Nyssa products on or with a wide range of models (size, ethnicity, etc.). We reserve the right to reject or request revisions to any photography and will supply replacement images if necessary.

Lastly, please use the product descriptions that appear on our Main Website or Nyssa Network Website when possible. If you must add or alter copy for the purposes of your business or customers, please keep language empathetic and inclusive. We expect every partner, collaborator, and reseller of Nyssa to lead with empathy, inclusivity and sensitivity to human dignity.



Resellers of Nyssa products may not bid on any of our trademarked or branded terms, including any variations or misspellings thereof for search or content-based campaigns on Google, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook or any other network. These include but are not limited to our Brand name (Nyssa, Nyssa Care, Nyssa Network), branded/trademarked product names (FourthWear, FourthCare, VieVision, etc), or names of proprietary content and trademarked brand terms (Unmentionables, Viva La Vulva, GoFourth, Bodies Are Brilliant).



As a company committed to solving the unmentionables of womanhood— beginning with puberty and reaching beyond menopause, we are always eager to learn more about how our products do or do not support this mission, as well as areas for improvement or development of new products and resources. If you, your company or organization currently does, or has an interest in facilitating outreach to consumers or collecting data for market research, we would love to discuss ways to partner through our Nyssa Lab program (i.e., small co-facilitated research studies, educational collaborations via our network of experts, meet and greets and more). Please run these ideas through and they will get to the appropriate team member.



By completing a purchase on The Nyssa Network, you demonstrate your commitment to upholding the above stated Reseller Terms. Any violation of these Terms could result in termination of our collaboration.

Thank you,

The Nyssa Team

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