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6-CT Real Talk Cue Cards Box Set

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100 artist-designed, Nyssa mission-inspired cue cards that deal out punchy provocations to take women and their peers into big, juicy, illuminating conversations. They help to unlock empathy and connection-building dialogue in the areas of sex, friendship, postpartum, career, family and more! Great for inspiring women to develop voice and community surrounding their wellbeing.

Product Highlights:

  • Box sets include 100 unique cue cards featuring exclusive designs by artist and rocker, Alicia Gaines.

  • Topics covered: Pregnancy & Postpartum, Perimenopause & Menopause, Career & Family, Sex & Pleasure, The 'Lightyears', Body Awareness, Parenting, Friendship & Community, Marriage & Partnership.

  • Cards are pre-sorted in a premium keepsake box.

Shipment Contains:

  • 6 box sets of 100 cue cards

What To Know:

  • Each box set is packaged for individual distribution or sale, MSRP $30 (resale terms apply).