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  • Nyssa Postpartum Unmentionables Survival Guide
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Postpartum Unmentionables Survival Guide with Dr. Laura Laursen

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We learned a major lesson when we first gave birth: there is a lot that people don’t tell you. Had we known about all of the common 'unmentionables' of postpartum recovery– the swelling, the hemorrhoids, the cracked nipples, the emotional adjustment to motherhood– well, we would have been far better prepared to care for ourselves during that transformational time.

We want to do right by the next wave of moms-to-be and birthing people. So we worked with our resident OB-GYN, Dr. Laura Laursen to create the postpartum recovery guide we wish we’d had all those years ago. At 26-pages, it covers everything from physical recovery and feeding your baby to identity shifts and navigating relationship changes in early parenthood. It's both informative and reassuring— intended to help you or the soon-to-be mom in your life feel postpartum prepared.


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