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5-CT SELECT SIZE VieWear Period Comfort Underwear + Ice/Heat Pack Bundles

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The ultimate cramp-conquering duo— Nyssa’s VieWear Period Comfort Underwear and uniquely contoured Uterine Reusable Ice/Heat Pack in a lovely reusable pouch. Available in Teen and Adult sizes.

Product Highlights:

  • VieWear is the first underwear designed to conquer cramps and bloating. It has a seamless interior pocket that discreetly holds soothing heat therapy over the lower abdomen and back where period and endometriosis pain originate.

  • VieWear has a widened gusset and full-coverage BCI organic cotton lining to hold pads in place and absorb the occasional overflow from tampons or menstrual cups. It is not meant to replace absorption products (tampons, pads, or cups) but enhance them with pain relief and comfortable (not bulky!) leak protection.

  • The outer body of VieWear is made from premium 4-way stretch compression fabric that securely holds ice or heat therapy against the body. Machine washable.

  • Our Uterine Reusable Ice/Heat Pack is soft, moldable and uniquely contoured to fit over women’s lower abdomen and uterus. Measures 8.5 inches in length and less than 0.25 inches in thickness. Microwave for heat therapy and freeze for cooling relief.

  • Both items are FSA/HSA/HRA eligible.

What To Know:

  • Each bundle is packaged for individual distribution or sale, MSRP $53 (resale terms apply).